E Hookah Pens, the Safer Alternative to Hookah Smoking

Like there are substitutions to cigarettes, through the usage of electronic cigarettes, there are also alternatives to hookah. Although you could already just purchase the e juices (or AKA hookah juices) that were mentioned in earlier posts as a hookah alternative, it might not be the best option for you. There are such disposable vaporizers including the Fantasia e hookah which does not contain any nicotine at all. We will discuss further about nicotine free pens in this post.

fantasia e hookah safer than hookah

If you are not a cigarette smoker and were never addicted to nicotine, you should avoid nicotine at all costs because it is a highly addictive drug. Nicotine does not get you high or make you feel a certain way, so there really is no use for nicotine infused e juices. The only reason why you should even consider using nicotine is if you were a hardcore smoker looking to quit cigarettes. Even if you were a light smoker, I would highly recommend that you try to use nicotine-free juices and pens to see if they work for you. Being continuously addicted to nicotine is not good for you either, but of course is still better than being addicted to both tobacco and nicotine.

So, about these Fantasia shisha pens which I highly recommend. The fact that they do not contain nicotine means that they are safe to use. So if you are ever wanting to smoke hookah on a night out, why not try one of these pens instead? No carcinogens, no smoke, no tobacco, no coals, no nicotine.

fantasia electronic hookah

Another great thing about these hookah pens is that they are often more affordable and comes with 800 puffs per pen, which lasts quite a while. I have known some people who even used these to quit cigarettes, which means they didn’t need nicotine at all to quit smoking, making this the healthiest way to quit smoking with a vaping alternative.

There are also nicotine-free e juices that you can fill your vaporizer pens with, but not many stores offer nicotine-free juices. The reason why most stores do not carry nicotine-free options is because their pitch is to help people to quit smoking, and they probably won’t be able to monetize off of nicotine-free products. Some will carry them, but Fantasia is a trusted brand with great flavors. I would highly recommend them.

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Facts about Smoking Hookah

Hookah smoking is popular among teenagers and adults because it is better than cigarette smoking, but is it really? The experience might be better because of the less harsh smoke and especially the flavored tobacco. Yes, hookah is a tobacco based product and is very heavy in tobacco. Research shows that tobacco smoking is indeed as dangerous as tobacco smoking. Some research even show that hookah smoking is actually worse than cigarette smoking because of the large quantities of tobacco that you are burning and smoking in one sitting.

facts about smoking hookah

Hookah is often smoked with a large tall pipe with hoses to inhale from. Their designs are usually suited for multiple users to sit around in a circle and share a pipe and the same tobacco. The tobacco is placed on the top of the pipe atop hot coals so that the burning occurs slowly. Many times, hookah bars will also include an actual peeled fruit into that mixture to give you the ultimate fruity vapor experience.

Similarly to cigarettes, many hookah tobaccos also contain nicotine which is the addictive substance in cigarettes. This means that you will find a lot of the same health concerns from smoking hookah to smoking cigarettes. Generally cigarette tobacco has more toxins and chemicals in them, but that does not make hookah a healthier alternative. The burning coals that you are smoking also adds an increased chance of developing cancer. However, I’d say the risk level is about up to par with one another. If you smoke hookah during pregnancy, you are susceptible to the same risks as cigarette smokers, including the chances of your child being born with respiratory issues.

how smoking hookah affects your health

They say that in a 1 hour session, a cigarette smoker would take 20 puffs from their cigarette tobacco. In a single hour of hookah smoking, the average user is likely to take 200 puffs! That is a 1000% or 10 times difference. So, next time you go and smoke hookah, think about what you’re doing.

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Other Types of Vaporizers (Vape Facts)

Aside from the traditional vaporizer that we use to vaporize e juices, there are many other vaporizers out there because cigarettes aren’t the only things that people smoke. We will explore some of the other types of vaporizers here and which ones that will not be relevant to you. Some vape shops that carry e juices and Ego-T vapes might also carry these other vaporizers. They may look cool and way more advanced, but serves a completely different purpose.

Let us start with the dry herb vaporizer which is also known as the herbal vape pen. This vaporizer is used for vaporizing dry herbs. Rather than vaporizing nicotine-infused e juices, people use them to vaporize a wide range of herbs. These herbs include marijuana, tea, and other herbs but mostly for smoking pot. The reason why this product is relevant is because it makes the process of smoking weed a lot easier. Rather than having to use a lighter or rolling paper, you simply put the herb into a pen similarly to how you would with e juice, press a button to vaporize. People who use these pens rave about how convenient it is now for them to smoke by nullifying the 15 minute process of rolling a blunt. In addition to that, it is also a windproof device which makes the fuss with trying to light your blunt outdoors a breeze.

atmos raw dry herb vaporizer

There are also vaporizers that are intended for other types of liquids, liquids that are thicker in velocity. Imagine a waxy liquid rather than a runny one. You might be wondering what people could possibly use these type of vaporizers for. The most popular wax is dab, which is a THC concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant itself. Because people are able to extract the dab from the marijuana at home with minimal equipment needed, it has become an increasingly popular practice. Users say that dab is more potent and the high is both longer and stronger.

micro g pen dab vaporizer vape pen

Similarly to the vape pens that we have been talking about in earlier posts, the main components of these devices are the batteries and the atomizers. The differences are in the design/build of the atomizers and tanks. The reason why the differences in these parts is because different materials need different tanks to contain them, different types of atomizers to vaporize them and different temperature settings for the best experience. However, there are many vaporizers out there that have different temperature settings available where you can change the experience you get.

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Vaping for Beginners

Vaping might not be for everyone just as many tobacco alternatives don’t work for everybody. I personally have tried nicotine patches and gum, neither of which were successful for a long enough period of time to get me to actually quit smoking. The reason why vaping has an edge over these other nicotine alternatives is because it actually resembles the experience of smoking. Everything about it resembles smoking. That even includes the little throat hit that you feel from smoking tobacco. Yes, the proplylene glycol (which is safe to use) actually gives you that sensation. You blow out vapor which looks like smoke, giving you the full on replication without all the carcinogens and harmful side effects of tobacco smoking.

logic electronic cigarette e cig

If you are a newbie, you should probably start off with disposable electronic cigarettes. The reason why you should start with these is because they are often cheaper to purchase because they are disposable. You do not need any prior knowledge of juices, builds, and vaporizer pens. You can often find these pens in grocery stores, tobacco shops, and bodegas. They can range anywhere from $8 – $15 and on average yields about 300 puffs of vapor.

300 puffs of vapor is not a lot, and definitely not worth the price in the long run if you plan on sticking to vaping. However, that is a small investment to test a product out. If it is successful for you, and you would like to continue vaping, the first thing that you should do is head to a local vape shop. The reason why it is better to do this in person rather than to purchase online (initially) is so that you can test these products. The salespeople will try very hard to sell their products to you, which is a very uncomfortable situation for me personally, but they can also teach you a lot about these products. Another benefit about going to the store is so that you can actually test their products with a hands on experience.

After you feel like you are comfortable with making purchases and knowing what you are looking for, you can go online and make your purchases. Buying onine ultimately is the better overall pick because you will save a lot of money. Most products online are priced cheaper than from in-stores because of the overhead differences. I have purchased online for several months and it has been a great experience for me.

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Is Vaping Safe Pt 2 – The Electronic Vaporizer

is vaping safe?

Now that know that the e juices and hookah liquids that we vaporize are safe to use, what about the electronic pens that come along with them? We will be exploring what these products are and what are considered safe usages for them.

The vaporizer pen is an electronic device which houses two main components. One of the components is the battery and the other is the atomizer. The battery is used to give the device power so that it can vaporize liquids while the atomizer is the active component that actually heats up and vaporizes the liquids.

Like all batteries, they come with their dangers if not kept under the right conditions and if not used properly. You might have heard about batteries exploding in people’s faces and that is something that should never happen if you are using your pen properly. You might have heard the same things about cellphone batteries but that hasn’t stopped you from using your smartphone or sleeping with it next to you. The same applies for vape pens and they are generally safe to use.

atmos raw vaporizer battery

Unlike smartphones however, some enthusiasts like to heavily modify their vaporizer pens so that they could produce larger vapor clouds and so that the pen could be more powerful. This is not a necessary step for anybody to take, and we would recommend that you do not modify your vaporizer too heavily anyway because most basic setups work fine the way they are. That is our number one theory for why, if in any case it did ever happen, that a pen might “explode”. Although we have had no experience with this and have heard nothing from vaping communities and friends about a pen exploding or anything remotely close to it. It might even be a posibility that the story was fabricated by the threatened tobacco industry.

So, are these pens safe to use by the end user? Yes they are. Most vaporizer pens do not contain any components that are even susceptible to explosions. As I’ve mentioned, all the vaporizer pen really is, is a battery, atomizer, and a mouth piece to inhale from. If you are still afraid that this pen will explode, you might as well be afraid of anything that contains a battery.

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Is Vaping Safe? What is in E Liquid?

are e juices and e liquids safe

When you are first learning about vaping and the prospect of actually being able to quit smoking through using it, you might get excited. For a lot of people, they are still very unsure about these electronic devices and that might stop them from wanting to try it. This fear could be a result of many reasons and the main reason of them all is fear of the unknown. What we don’t know makes me afraid and we don’t even know what we’re afraid of. It is natural for us to feel that way, but I will explain to you how these products work!

propylene glycol vaping e liquid

Most vaporizers including disposable electronic cigarettes contain an ingredient called Propylene Glycol (PG) which is deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). PG is actually used as an additive in a lot of packaged foods and you’d be surprised how often you already consume it. Propylene glycol is a clear and odorless liquid that is used as the base of the e juices that we find in the e cigs and e liquids.

The people who design the hookah juices or e liquids that we use to vaporize will also add other ingredients to the mixture before it reaches its final stage. One of the other ingredients is fruit juice concentrate. Have you ever bought those canned juice concentrates that are super syrupy and you need to add a pitcher of water to it before it turns into drinkable juice? Those are the type of fruit juice concentrates that are used to add into the mixture in order to create a flavored liquid. Then the manufacturers will also add in liquid nicotine by the milligrams. You will find different levels of nicotine in various bottles of e juices for the different types of smokers. Obviously if you are a heavier smoker, you will need e juices that are heavier in nicotine.

So in conclusion, yes, vaping is safe to use and what you are ingesting is organic. The only compound in the mixture that is not organic is the nicotine. Of course, you will need to slowly lower your nicotine intake as you continue to vape. Eventually you will hit the 0mg mark and you should be able to stop smoking and vaping altogether for a healthier life.


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